Project Showcase: A Songhees Kitchen Renovation

Songhees Luxury Kitchen Renovation Victoria BC

As often happens, this Victoria luxury kitchen renovation project morphed from “consultation for a paint scheme” to “let’s update the kitchen”!

The unit had been rented for a number of years while the owner was abroad and the tenants had done some creative painting… lots of feature walls and odd combinations (to put it mildly). Now it was time to personalize things and make this house a home.

At our initial meeting to discuss painting, the owner introduced me to her three glorious Rag Doll cats. Their colouring of creamy white, taupe, grey and even their smoky blue eyes informed the selection of paint, flooring, counters and tiles.

The unit has great vaulted spaces and walls of glass fronting the inner harbor so light was never an issue. Consequently, stronger colours worked well- especially the rich blue/grey used in the main living/dining/entry. This was so successful that we decided to carry it through the kitchen with the tile splash. A watery, wavy texture that has the most amazing effect- constant movement of light that brings the ocean in.

The most striking change comes from the quartz counter material used to replace the (builder’s special) granite. A strong blend of taupe, grey and white in a large, flowing, striated design is very dramatic, particularly on the new umber-toned island.

It all works so well that the original blonde rift-cut oak cabinets look really good- better than ever, in fact.

All the components, old and new, are grounded on a fabulous, richly-coloured cork floor installed directly over the original, cold, noisy tile. This adds a warmth that is a treat for the feet and softens the sound in the suite considerably. The cats love it!

All the original appliances were kept but a new granite farmhouse sink and faucet complete the transformation and make for a very comfortable work station.

We also installed the cork over the guest bath tile, warming and updating that room substantially with a minimum disruption and expense. The only other alteration was to secure the vanity to the wall in order to remove the metal legs. It now floats, giving a greater feeling of space.

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