Project Showcase: A Cordova Bay Bathroom Renovation

cordova bay bathroom after 1

The Cordova Bay bathroom renovation job came to us as a direct referral from a client whose ensuite we renovated a few years ago. This is the absolute epitome of success– clients referring friends and family to us as trusted renovation experts. You cannot buy that, you have to earn it! We are extremely grateful that the bulk of our renovation work is generated through personal referrals.

The clients’ home is a typical 1980’s west coast style and the ensuite required updating in a manner that was appropriate to their home and lifestyle. Fortunately, the existing layout was ideal so no relocation of plumbing fixtures was needed.

The clients’ chose a very interesting vinyl flooring product which set the tone for the room’s décor– a blend of soft, natural colours in a simple plank design. With that as a base point, we selected the rest of the materials to be compatible and complementary.

We removed the tub which had been set in a cumbersome tiled deck structure. We then framed an end pony wall and installed a sleek, skirted acrylic tub with a generous bathing well and a more streamlined appearance. We then took out the 3’x3′ shower and installed a 3’x4′ acrylic base. Typically, the threshold would be the 4′ side, but with access being 3′, we supplied a base with side flanges that are added separately to attach the base to the wall studs, increasing the shower area.

We set a row of large, glossy white field tile with a strong chocolate accent as a tub surround, carried in-line through the shower area and as a vanity splash. This created a continuous sight line giving a spacious feel to the entire room. The delicious accent colour repeated in the oil-rubbed bronze lights and mirror frames emphasizes the colours in the granite countertop which is perfectly grounded by the taupe-toned vanity cabinet.

Chunky chrome faucets and a thick, frame-less glass shower enclosure are clean and appealing. The last component is a warm inviting paint colour that pulls everything together. What we achieved (this being very much a group effort) is a functional, efficient retreat with simple lines and stunning accents!

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