Songhees Luxury Kitchen Renovation Victoria BC

Songhees Luxury Kitchen

Project Description

This Songhees luxury kitchen renovation in Victoria, BC has been featured on our blog! Click here to learn more about this project or view the before and after photos below.

Songhees Luxury Kitchen Renovation Victoria BC
Commercial Kitchen Renovation Victoria

Commercial Kitchen

Project Description

Designing a commercial space requires a very different approach to that of home decor. The purpose is to showcase the company’s wares to their best advantage while providing a welcoming atmosphere where clients feel at home.

The permanent nature of the merchandise this firm supplies necessitated a backdrop that will be relevant for many years. Building on existing floor coverings to develop a colour palette of rich graphite and slate greys provides a sense of timeless quality to enhance the goods on offer in this renovated Victoria showroom.
Smaller displays in vivid, whimsical finishes lighten the mood, stimulate creativity, and give staff a great day-to-day working environment.

It’s fun to renovate larger areas as it gives you the freedom to use more intense, dramatic colours and designs without detracting from the purpose at hand.

Commercial Kitchen Renovation Victoria

Sea Point Kitchen

Project Description

It was such a pleasure working with this amazing couple to help renovate their kitchen/family room. As we worked together, I came to appreciate their great sense of humour and the courage it took to make some bold choices. It has paid off in spades as this truly is the heart of their home… only new and improved.

We removed a pony wall to allow for a large, elevated island around which many hands work comfortably to create inspired meals, have meaningful conversations, or just hang out. I especially love the espresso cork floor. It’s stunning, easy to care for and very kind to the body. Combined with the delicious chocolate counters and soft white cabinetry, it is spectacular.

A little lighting bling for humour and a monochromatic tile splash with terrific dimensional interest all in a space large enough to handle it – what more could you ask for? Well a matching entertainment unit and a big pantry of course!

To me this room says “come on in, be a little impressed (but not intimidated), feel welcome, stay awhile and let’s eat!” Perfect!

Kitchen After

Camrose Kitchen

Project Description

Typical of this vintage home in Victoria there are interior walls where they’re not wanted.

In this kitchen renovation our first goal was to open the area to create better traffic flow and functionality. Fortunately the wall was nonstructural and easily removed. Closing off a small doorway and enlarging a walk through gave a much more user friendly layout and a large eating area open to the living space. Lots of through light is always a welcome outcome & truly brought the outside in, especially with the new french doors to the deck.

The second renovation goal was to bring a french country atmosphere to little olde Victoria, only with all the modern amenities of course. The combination of natural cork flooring (warm and comfortable), clear maple cabinetry, subtle counter material and chunky, rustic back splash tiles fit the bill perfectly. Updating the lighting with ceiling pots and under-cabinet lights give a wonderful, inviting feeling especially at night when softly reflected off the tiles.

We love our new kitchen! It was the best thing we ever did for our home.
Renovation can conjure such negative thoughts, but we had a very good experience with Ron, Colleen, and Bob.

We were very happy with the process which was neat & well organized and really pleased to remain on budget!

We have no hesitation to recommend the Rob-Ron team and have used them successfully for other projects as well.