Project Description

This extensive renovation in the 10 mile point area of Victoria resulted in a dramatic improvement to the home with a minimum of structural changes. Their tiny ensuite is much enhanced visually and functionally by incorporating an outdated water closet originally located in the main bath. This created space for a spectacular shower, enlarged vanity and a general feeling of spaciousness. Heated tile floors are always welcome in Victoria’s climate and matching tiles flow seamlessly up the shower walls to enhance this feeling even further. A rich stain on the vanity and solid surface counter material are again used to compliment rather than contrast.

Working closely with clients in the planning stage of any renovation is essential for a clear understanding of their needs and “wish list”. As a project manager, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is helping people get the results they want from their renovation. In fact, we aim to exceed those expectations whenever possible. The bonus is developing friendships along the way!