Songhees Luxury Kitchen Renovation Victoria BC

Project Showcase: A Songhees Kitchen Renovation

As often happens, this Victoria luxury kitchen renovation project morphed from “consultation for a paint scheme” to “let’s update the kitchen”!

The unit had been rented for a number of years while the owner was abroad and the tenants had done some creative painting… lots of feature walls and odd combinations (to put it mildly). Now it was time to personalize things and make this house a home.

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Baynes Bathroom Renovation Victoria

Project Showcase: The Baynes Road Bathroom Renovation

This Victoria renovation involved two areas– the upstairs ensuite and main floor laundry/bathroom. Fortunately, there was another full bathroom for the clients to use while the others were under construction.

The ensuite layout and square footage were adequate so it was a matter of removing the old, dated fixtures and replacing them with those of a newer, more contemporary design.

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cordova bay bathroom after 1

Project Showcase: A Cordova Bay Bathroom Renovation

The Cordova Bay bathroom renovation job came to us as a direct referral from a client whose ensuite we renovated a few years ago. This is the absolute epitome of success– clients referring friends and family to us as trusted renovation experts. You cannot buy that, you have to earn it! We are extremely grateful that the bulk of our renovation work is generated through personal referrals. Continue reading “Project Showcase: A Cordova Bay Bathroom Renovation”

Cordova Bay Bathroom

6 Tips for Reducing the Cost of Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are typically the most expensive room in a home to renovate if you look at the per square foot cost. Colleen Gibson, Project Manager for Renovations at award-winning Rob-Ron Construction Ltd. in Victoria offers some tips for ways to reduce the cost of your bathroom renovation, while still getting a fresh, new room. She has helped hundreds of homeowners with these types of renovations.
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The Secrets to a Successful Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation: Often considered the heart of the home, few rooms make as big a difference to the function and flow of the home as the kitchen. Many homeowners have a vision for their dream kitchen renovation based on function, style and aesthetic. Once you decide to create that kitchen of your dreams, the first step is to come up with a comfortable budget.

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