Bathroom renovations can be exciting undertakings

But before jumping to choosing the latest tile or bathtub design, there are some less exciting things to consider so your project turns out just the way you dream it. Because bathroom renovations can be overwhelming, time-consuming and costly, we’ve included some key factors to make sure that your project stays on track and the renovation runs smoothly.

Choose your contractor and designer with care. Rob-Ron Construction has 4 decades of experience to help you through the renovation and design process. From assisting you with a budget, to construction and trades, to helping you with decisions about what to include in the remodel. When done by a professional with 40 years of expertise the end result is a bathroom that will function perfectly and add significant value to your home.

It can get overwhelming very quickly but with Colleen’s guidance, you will find the process enriching and enjoyable. Colleen, of Rob-Ron Construction, works in a very collaborative way, by working with you to determine the look you want for your bathroom, for instance, paint colour, tile choices, vanities, showers, tubs, faucets, etc.,  through helping you to define the timeline of the bathroom renovation, as well as certain intermediate steps such as ordering and purchasing tiles, fixtures, custom-built vanity or cabinets to make sure they can be delivered on time.

Don’t be fooled, many people assume that if they are remodelling a small bathroom it will take much less time than a larger renovation. Depending on how many items you are changing in the bathroom Rob-Ron Construction will go through all the same steps as a larger bathroom.

Check out some of the before and after photos from our portfolio below and read our 6 Tips for Bathroom Reno’s.  See something you like?  Let us know – Colleen would be happy to work with you to turn your vision into reality.

A few tips:

  • Depending on the age of your home and quality of development, one of the sneakiest problems you may encounter is water damage, so make sure look for structural deficiencies such as floor framing, improperly vented plumbing, corroded plumbing, non-waterproof tile shower/tub surrounds, etc.
  • The planning time is critical for those with only one bathroom in their house as they will have to make arrangements where to take a shower and use the toilet while the bathroom is taken apart.
  • Design should work hand in hand with functionality so consider who will use the bathroom as well as resale value, and how the bathroom design will fit in with the rest of the house.

Our bathroom renovations portfolio

Explore some of our recent Victoria bathroom renovations and get ideas for your next project. Want to learn more? Contact Rob-Ron Construction today for a consultation.