An experienced local designer

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Colleen Gibson Colleen Gibson on LinkedIn began her design career in the fine furniture department of Standard Furniture and has practiced as an independent interior designer locally for over 30 years. Her 15+ year affiliation with Rob-Ron Construction has led to her current role as job manager for renovations.

“Working with such an accomplished builder/contractor as Ron Bickford has given me great insight in to the mechanics of the renovation industry – I understand the physical steps required to achieve the ‘vision’, the nuts and bolts as it were.”

Her design philosophy is very collaborative – “I like to work closely with my clients to help them realize their dreams. Whether it’s a simple bathroom update or a major home renovation the process is the same – to aid and guide the home owners as needed throughout the project, working together and having fun along the way. The end result being the satisfaction of a job well done by all and a beautiful new living space to be enjoyed for years to come.”

Colleen’s knowledge of construction and decades of design experience help the job run smoothly – saving clients money, time, and frustration. Contact Rob-Ron Construction today for a consultation on your next home renovation project.

Colleen Gibson
Colleen Gibson, Job Manager